Duratron Material Family Overview : Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

00:01:50 | November 10, 2014


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The Duratron Material Family, exclusively from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, includes; Duratron PEI - polyethylenimine, Duratron PAI - polyamide-imide, Duratron PI - polyamide, and Duratron PBI - polybenzimidazole. High strength, excellent dielectric strength, and continuous service capability of up to 750°F. Ideal for applications in semiconductor, medical, oil and gas, food processing, military, solar and aerospace industries.

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Hi, my name's Jim Hebel with Quadrant. I'm the application development and technical service manager. The Duratron name for Quadrant really encompasses anything that is imidized. They include Duratron PEI, also known as Duratron Polyetherimide, Duratron PAI, also known Duratron Polyamide-imde. We even have Duratron Polylmide or Duratron PI, Duratron PBI also known as Duratron Polybenzimidazole. Anything that ends in i or ends in imide is considered a Duratron product for Quadrant. It's a high temperature material that's used in extreme environments. It doesn't matter if it's a structural application or a bearing and wear application. You're going to use these imidized materials when you need performance. Typically, that performance is when you have high temperatures. Maybe, you have extremely tight tolerance parts. Maybe, you need higher strength and stiffness than your standard thermal plastic materials can provide. The industry today uses a lot of generic names. They might use nylon. They might use acetyl. They could even be using resin trade names that are quite common, like Torlon. Torlon is a resin trade name. The quadrant shape trade name is Duratron. Here at quadrant our materials are so different. They're separated by their quality, their consistency that we develop our own trade names to take to market. We document the properties of material. We certified and stand behind that product. You know if you're getting a material with the Quadrant trade name, if it's a material that you can count on.